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Culinary enjoyment included

Erzberg’s deluxe half-board

Regardless of which suite or room you choose: Our sumptuous cuisine and use of our spa area are always included in the price. So, what does our culinary deluxe half-board give you to look forward to?

In a nutshell: extended half-board à la Erzberg. And here is what that means for you:

  • In the morning from 8 until 10:30:
    A delectable breakfast from our sumptuous and variety-filled buffet with everything your breakfast heart could desire and everything your body needs to power up in the morning.
  • In the afternoon from 2:30 until 5:30:
    Recharge your batteries with our skiers’ snacks, regional specialties, tasty soups along with sweet temptations.
  • In the evening from 7 to 8:45:
    Daily 6-course dinner, upscale regional and international cuisine. Also select from our big salad bar and enjoy an excellent assortment of fine cheeses. To accompany your choices, sample our very best oils and essences of Balsamico and truffles.

Guests with food allergies and -intolerances are also in for a true treat courtesy of our head chef. He and his team conjure up excellent alternatives with a broad range of flavors. They will be particularly pleased if you could let them know your precise wishes a few days BEFORE you arrive. All of our dishes are served with a smile, not one that’s just for show, but one that comes straight from the heart.

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Waking up

Delectable breakfasts at the Erzberg

Relish a good night’s sleep, wake up in the morning at your leisure, then enjoy an extended breakfast: for that pure “I’m on holiday” feeling. And good news for all late-risers: The most beautiful meal of the day awaits you until 10:30 a.m. Energetic early-risers, who have already been out and about in the fresh air, have also earned the best possible breakfast, of course. Everything will be waiting for you starting at 8 o’clock. Fresh. Crispy. Gloriously fragrant.

Powering up

Get your energy flowing first thing

Quietly sip on a fresh cup of coffee. Whether drip coffee, latte, cappuccino or a double espresso: Thanks to the smell of freshly roasted coffee, you will be wide awake before you know it. Tea lovers will also find a wide selection of fine blends by Ronnefeld, or you might prefer to sweeten your morning with a mug of hot chocolate.

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A Healthy Foundation

Savory, sweet & fresh

Your breakfast table has already been laid. Awaiting you at the buffet are oven-fresh rolls, fine spreads, a lavish array of sausages, ham, bacon and salami, fresh fruit and vegetables. Select from different flavors of creamy yogurts, crunchy cereals, sweet breakfast treats and fresh juices.

Order your favorite egg dishes – prepared in the kitchen just for you – then enjoy along with the most temptingly fragrant breakfast rolls ever. Served with a heartfelt “Good Morning!” from your service team and your hosts, all of whom take care of your every need from the very start of the day.

Food Allergies

Gluten- & lactose-free

We are more than happy to cater to your food allergies whenever possible, which is why we always have a plentiful supply of gluten- and lactose-free alternatives in store for our guests. Please let us know your needs at least three days prior to arrival.

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Flavorful Fortification

Gourmet afternoon snacks

Fresh air makes you hungry. When, in the late afternoon, you return to the hotel with rosy cheeks, you will find everything you need to fill your grumbling tummy, give you fresh energy and shift your enterprising spirit back into high gear for the evening ahead. In the form of our traditional afternoon snacks with a delectable selection of regional specialties, included as part of your deluxe half-board. Hot and cold. Savory and sweet. Always freshly cooked, baked, prepared for you. Reenergized, you will then be ready to unwind in the sauna, the steam bath, tanning studio or a massage bed in our SPA.

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An appetite for the best

For diners who appreciate fine cuisine

PURE. AUTHENTIC. REGIONAL. And sometimes also from the rest of the world. This is what our cooking is all about. Pure flavor and genuine culinary craftsmanship for an excursion into the delectable realms of Austrian and international fine dining.

Delighting our guests – which also pleases us no end.

At the same time, every evening from 7 until 8:45 we are constantly motivated to come up with six delectable courses that are certain to be a pleasant surprise for you. With ingredients from our region. Always of the highest quality. Refined by our chef and his colleagues, served in our comfortable dining rooms.

Accompanied by: outstanding vintages from our multifaceted wine list, including an fine selection of top Austrian and Italian vintners.

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A Vintage Treasure Map

Wines: exquisite and full of flavor

Here with us, wine and fine food are intimately connected because we believe: a good wine and a good lifestyle go hand-in-hand. In the right setting, you are able to let go of all distractions and focus on the exquisiteness of the here and now.

And it is precisely because of this that we have well equipped our wine cellar. With fine wines from ambitious Austrian and Italian vintners. Sample a variety of creations you don’t yet know. In front of the fireplace or in our hotel Living Room.

Do you want to give joy to your loved-ones or friends? If so, how about an Erzberg gift coupon? For a good bottle of wine, a massage or a romantic ride on a horse-drawn sleigh. The selection is wide. Take a closer look and allow yourself to be inspired.

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Effervescent and refreshing

Beer, Gin & Co.

Not in the mood for wine? Prefer a freshly tapped Pilsener or wheat beer? A Hugo spritzer or a classic gin & tonic? If so, we suggest paying a visit to our bar, our hotel Living Room with fireplace, or making yourself comfortable in our sofa corner. The flowing transition between spaces adds to this area’s appeal as a gathering spot for guests wanting to get to know one another better. To share their thoughts, recount skiing adventures, make new friends or enjoy a romantic end to a wonderful day in front of the crackling fire.

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