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Check-In Service

Yippee, the time has finally arrived – and so have you!

You will be able to check into your suite or room after 3 p.m. on your arrival day. Expect to arrive earlier than that and want to begin your skiing adventures right away? If so, simply make use of our changing room, then head straight for the piste. While you are gone, we will keep your luggage safely stored at the hotel, we will be happy to park your car, and we will have your ski passes ready and waiting for you the moment you get here.

Top service for winter fans who don’t have a second to waste and who don’t want to bring all of their skiing equipment with them from home: Just stop in briefly at the ski rental center just around the corner, have everything individually adjusted, then off you go.

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Check-Out Service

Store your bags safely & enjoy a full day of skiing

You are welcome to stay in your room until 11 a.m. of departure day. But would you like to make use of this final day for a few more hours of skiing? That’s no problem at all. We have a secure “Check-Out Room” here at the hotel, where we will keep everything safely stored awaiting your return.

Freshen up & drive home in comfortable clothes

Not a fan of climbing into a car still wearing your cumbersome sports gear? If so, why not quickly jump into the shower and put on some comfy clothes before you head out. Our Check-Out Room makes it possible. In this way, you will be able to enjoy an extra day of skiing to the fullest. Until the very last minute.

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